2 Reasons to Look for Landscapers Near Me That Belong to Professional Organizations in Troy, MI

2 Reasons to Look for Landscapers Near Me That Belong to Professional Organizations in Troy, MI.jpg

Investing in a landscape makeover can significantly increase the value of your Troy, MI, home, but the results depend on the quality of the finished product. To help ensure your satisfaction, you’ll want to be discerning as you search for “landscapers near me.” Here are two reasons to focus your search on landscapers that belong to professional organizations.

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The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to landscaping. A low bidder may be excellent, but it’s a better strategy to narrow the field of bidders by eliminating any who are not licensed and who do not belong to any local professional organizations.

Licenses and Qualifications 

A licensed landscaper is expected to be insured. A trade license requires proof of insurance, which is one of the first things to request when soliciting bids. Don’t waste your time talking about a project or getting a bid from a landscape contractor that can’t offer proof of insurance. 

To put it bluntly, you wouldn’t want any uninsured landscaping contractor doing work on your property. Liability and workers compensation insurance are policies you could inquire about as you research landscapers. These types of insurance helps to protect both the homeowner and the landscaper contractor if something should go wrong, whether a worker is injured on the job, or in the unlikely event the contractor disappears without finishing the job, or if a piece of equipment accidentally smashes a retaining wall. 

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Proving Professionalism

Companies that have noteworthy certifications and memberships have had to undergo exams and show proof of their specialties, and have had to do so on an ongoing basis. A willingness to go through these processes means two things: This is a landscape contractor dedicated to the profession, and committed to delivering quality work.

Why should you look for a landscape contractor that belongs to professional or trade organizations? 

For one thing, current membership in a professional organization demonstrates an extra level of commitment to the profession, above and beyond licensing. Membership in professional organizations is optional but it shows that they are interested in maintaining a positive image, that they want to engage in continual learning, and that they are keeping up with the landscaping industry’s trends and standards.

Second of all, you are more likely to get quality work and good customer service. Membership in a professional organization is that “extra” that sets the great landscape contractors apart from the rest. If you want a landscape contractor that is going to go above and beyond, and that will deliver outstanding work and exceptional customer service, you can weed out the weakest candidates immediately by eliminating any that aren’t licensed and that don’t belong to professional organizations. You still need to do your due diligence and research their work and obtain references, but at least you’re already starting your search among the top tier landscape professionals near Troy, MI.

We highly recommend focusing your attention on companies that have proven knowledge and expertise in installing pavers and retaining walls. When you are enhancing your outdoor living space with the addition of a new patio or other hardscape features, you want to know you can have complete faith in the capabilities of the landscapers you hire.