3 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Lounge Area in your Macomb, MI home

Outdoor living is so much better when attention has been paid to every element of the outdoor living space. It’s not enough to install a paver patio and call it done; a great outdoor space is much more than that! To give you some inspiration, here are three landscape design ideas for your outdoor lounge area in Macomb, MI.

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Look Down

Investing in an outdoor lounge area requires taking the design process slowly and choosing materials that meet the following criteria: they feel good under bare feet; they are easy to clean; they look good; they are durable; and they match your home’s architectural style. Every time you look down at your feet - whether you’ve just stepped outside onto a sun-baked patio, or you’ve just dragged a lounge chair into the shade - you should be happy with the material and laying pattern used.

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In many cases, the ideal patio materials are concrete pavers! Concrete pavers mimic the look of natural stone or clay brick but are much more durable and economical, and easier to install and maintain. Pavers offer you hundreds of design options and, really, there’s no limit to how creative you can get mixing and matching colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and finishes to create an outdoor lounge area that’s all you. For example, consider beautifying a key area of your patio with a paver ‘area rug’!

Look Around

If you have a great view, position your lounge area to take full advantage of it. If your view is mediocre or you just don’t want to look at what’s out there, tailor your own view instead. Privacy walls can make your backyard feel like a private retreat and can be enhanced with waterfalls, garden sculptures, flowering climbing vines, or lights. Retaining walls are also a great way to introduce functional vertical elements into your landscape.

Features such as waterfalls and fire pits serve as focal points to gaze at while your stress melts away. Water features, fire tables, fireplaces and fire pits can all be constructed using the same vertical blocks or stones for a cohesive look.

Look Up

The careful placement of permanent shade structures will enhance the “ceiling” area of your outdoor lounge and improve your comfort outdoors. Not all properties are graced with mature, hammock-worthy trees. Fortunately, a pergola serves as a beautiful addition to any outdoor lounge area and creates shade while allowing air to circulate freely.