6 Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas in Troy, MI

An outdoor fireplace tends to be the main attraction of many landscapes in Troy, MI. Built with quality materials and crafted with care, an outdoor fireplace exudes not only warmth but a pleasing aesthetic that complements the rest of the landscape design. Give your new fireplace the attention it deserves by considering the following design ideas.

The Look of Natural Stone

6 Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas in Troy, MI

Incorporating the look of natural stone into your fireplace design can bring texture to your landscape. Each stone component appears different from the one next to it, thus creating a fireplace of varied tones and textures that you can admire for hours by the warmth of the fire. Today’s prebuilt concrete fireplaces are known for being more durable and cost-effective while acting as stylish natural stone substitutes.

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Outdoor Fireplace with Open Sides

A fireplace with more than one opening would be an eye-catching feature for your landscape design. With more than one way to admire the flames and feel the heat, the seating arrangements and enjoyment of the outdoor fireplace could shift depending on the mood of the night and the direction of any breeze.

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A Perfect Pair

Two types of hardscape features popular in landscaped properties today offer pleasing ambient sounds: the outdoor fireplace and water features. It’s possible to effectively merge the two and have the pleasing sound of a crackling fire alongside the tranquil rhythm of flowing water. The design options multiply when one starts to give thought to where to incorporate the water feature and where to incorporate the fire. One example would be to integrate two smaller water features on either side of the chimney. The soft sounds of flowing water intertwined with the hiss and crackle of a fire sound as if you are camping next to a river.

Sleek and Simple

The modern style can be conveyed in your fireplace design, with the right choices of materials. A zero-bevel surface for the blocks made to form the fireplace would contrast well with accents of stainless steel. Instead of sticking to the traditional tower shape for a fireplace unit, this design option for an outdoor fireplace tends to be shorter.

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Fire Pit

You may find through your research of fire features that a fire pit would more closely match your preferences. Built lower to the ground than an outdoor fire pit, a fire pit tends to emphasize gathering and conversation more than a fireplace does. A custom-made fire pit could be made to run on burning wood or gas.

Best of Both Worlds

Everyone has their favorite aspects of their living room, whether it be the comfy couch or the large flat-screen TV. Whatever your family’s favorite activities may be can brought outside to be enjoyed with the fire. There’s nothing like catching the game outside when the air is cool but the warmth of a fire keeps you comfortable. When you are able to bring the best of what life has to offer inside to the outside, you are able to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful views of your patio, and relax in a space you will want to leave.