6 Tricks Landscapers Near Me in West Bloomfield Township, MI, Do to Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

If you are looking at a drab backyard wondering what you can do to make it more enticing, you are probably wondering where you can find “landscapers near me” in West Bloomfield Township, MI. It is natural to feel overwhelmed before you get a sense of what is possible. Here is some clarity, with six tricks that landscapers do to enhance outdoor living spaces.

Strategically Channel Traffic

6 Tricks Landscapers Near Me in West Bloomfield Township, MI, Do to Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

Like water, people tend to move quickly through narrow spaces to get where they are going but slow down as they make their way through wide spaces. When people move about your landscape, you can expect fast movement along your walkway that opens onto a patio. To encourage slower movement and to subtly encourage people to truly enjoy their surroundings, you could include a slightly wider area with a bench or raised flower bed.

Consider a Layered Approach

When the focus of the landscape is on nature’s beauty, a tiered effect could give your favorite flowers and plants an eye-full. Stone masonry walls could encase each set of plantings on their own tier along a slope for a gorgeous, unique aesthetic.

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Incorporate Curves

Curves end to draw the eye when much of the landscape involves straight lines. Reminding people of a turn in the bend, a curved structure can compel visitors to wander and linger, whether it’s a curved walkway or a round patio. Curved lines can also make a small backyard feel more spacious, because the eye is busy following the longer, curved lines instead of zooming along a straight line.

Create Mystery

To make a small backyard appear larger and more interesting, a Japanese design approach known as miegakure, or “hide and reveal” could be used. This involves partially obscuring a view or special features in a landscape, to encourage people to move ahead to see what’s there. Whether it is the entry to a “secret garden” or just an interesting way to round the corner, partial obstruction creates intrigue.

Remember the Vertical

A flat yard with a flat patio looks, well, flat. Give it some vertical interest with seating stone walls and varied-height plantings. This will make the patio feel less exposed. And if you have a sloped site, consider multi-level outdoor living where you split up outdoor living spaces just as you do within your home.

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Incorporate Fire and Water

A fire pit, fireplace, fire table, waterfall, fountain, or pond—or any combination of these elements—would greatly enhance your outdoor space and your enjoyment of it. There’s something about fire and water that offers an irresistible draw. These elements are beautiful to admire and give onlookers a reason to pause and enjoy life, whether it’s the flick of the flames or the ripple of a water fountain.

If you can’t decide whether to try all of these tips or just a few, reach out to our hardscape specialists to discuss what type of paver shapes, stone wall tiers, and other hardscape features would work well for your outdoor space. We’d be happy to work with you to create a functional and beautiful backyard you will enjoy, and increase your home’s value and curb appeal at the same time.