How Do Landscapers Near Me Restore Paver Walkways and Walls in Sterling Heights, MI?

You may have looked out at your Sterling Heights, MI, landscape recently and noticed a missing paver in your old walkway or maybe what appears to be crumbling brick in your retaining wall. If that’s the reason you have been searching for “landscapers near me,” you will want to be prepared for what landscapers can do for you and what to know as you choose a company to repair or replace the problematic hardscape feature. Here is how local landscape professionals can help you.

Dangers of Crumbling Materials

How Do Landscapers Near Me Restore Paver Walkways and Walls in Sterling Heights, MI?

A missing piece to a walkway or driveway, or crumbling one, can be dangerous for you and your visitors. This can be an issue if the pavers were installed incorrectly or are of low quality. A high heel could get caught in the hole and lead to a stumble or fall. Anyone unsteady on their feet would have a tough time navigating your property. 

Another issue arises when the winter weather comes to Sterling Heights. That’s when any gaps could make it easy for moisture to penetrate other parts of the walkway and loosen the pavers there, leaving you with a mess when the spring rolls around. 

Although a retaining wall serves a functional purpose, if it was made to be beautiful, it should do double-duty by adding to the overall aesthetic of your landscape. If it was installed by a previous owner and is now aging, you don’t want it to mar the rest of your outdoor living space.

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Restoring Pavers and Walls

The first step in restoring hardscape materials is to meet with professionals who can help you bring these materials back to life. They will come out to evaluate the current state of your walkways and walls and discuss the possibilities for restoring your landscape to a gorgeous state. 

With restoration technicians who specialize in restoring the safety and function of your walkway, these professionals can bring unmatched skill to your project. When pavers are missing, they can suggest the ideal replacement to make the new material addition blend seamlessly with the rest of the area. Or they may go over your options for a new paver walkway if that option interests you. 

At times the Michigan weather can be hard on your walkway pavers or wall units, or things have spilled on the walk, and your hardscape simply needs a good cleaning. Hardscape specialists can help with that, too.

Over time the seams of your concrete pavers can weaken and moisture can seep in, causing them to shift and loosen. Your pavers might just need professional re-sanding to strengthen the integrity of the walkway again. 

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The final step in restoring the pavers for your hardscapes could be to have them sealed, which protects the stone surface and the concrete/sand mix in between each paver. With state-of-the-art sealers, skilled technicians can make your pavers look amazing and help to keep them that way.

With regular communication throughout the process, your contractor can help to make the restoration process as smooth as possible. Then, when you look out at your Sterling Heights, MI, landscape, you will no longer see crumbling pavers on the walkway or missing portions on your favorite stone wall—what you will see is a gorgeous hardscape feature that will last for many years.