How to Find the Best Landscapers Near Me in Macomb, MI

When you are on the hunt for a new landscape contractor, you want assurance that the company you hire will be the best company for the job. You want to know that the crew the company employs has the skills and expertise to carry out your particular project. The search begins with wondering “who are the best landscapers near me” and then seeing which ones in the Macomb, MI, area are best equipped to bring your outdoor living dreams to life.

Portfolio and Reviews

How to Find the Best Landscapers Near Me in Macomb, MI

Portfolios and reviews can offer a telling peek inside of a company's work ethic and level of quality. When you are considering several different options for a landscaping project, this is where one company can stand out from the pack and make your decision much easier. See what past customers had to say about their experience with the company, and notice if any of the outdoor living projects match the scope of yours.

When you talk to the companies you’re researching, see what happens when you ask to a see a portfolio. A reluctance or delay in showing you photographs of past projects would be a red flag. The portfolio is a compilation of a companies best work, so they should be happy to show you what they have done. It may be possible that the company has a reputation for doing good work but does not have a background in your particular type of project. Most likely, you do not want to be anyone’s first customer when you are investing in hardscape structures that need to last for many years to come.

For any past project you do get to view, inquire about the quality of materials used and why they were chosen. Ask about what the company does when an unexpected event occurs (such as a big storm or a surprise underground) in the middle of a project. The answers could be very telling.

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Credentials are another important factor you should research when looking into landscaping companies because many are required by law. First things first, look into what it takes for a landscaping company to become fully certified. These can differ between states and even counties. Landscape experts with specialized skills will often have professional certifications that show they have an interest in their field and a high level of expertise.

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Along with credentials, certain types of insurance are often required by law in order to operate a landscaping company. A must-have insurance policy is general liability. This makes sure that any bodily injury, property damage, and other liabilities are covered by an insurer. This is as beneficial for the landscaping company as it is for the client. Another policy they should have is commercial auto, especially if the company does excavation jobs. This covers commercial vehicles such as mowers, backhoes, trucks, and so on, and insures any damage caused by these vehicles. You could also inquire about whether the company has a business owners policy (BOP) and workers’ compensation coverage. You do want to know whether they care about their workers and the property they own. BOP covers any personal property that they own under the company name, and its existence is often a sign of a financially secure company that takes care of its property and yours. Proper insurance policies can give you peace of mind when equipment and employees are visiting your property.