Why You Should Consider Landscaping Companies with ICPI-Certified Installers

An ICPI certification is more than just a certificate on a landscape contractor’s wall. It represents continued learning, innovation, and improvement. Landscaping companies that encourage their employees to apply and renew their certification show commitment to the industry and its ever-changing requirements. Not only does this certification guarantee that a certain level of knowledge and expertise will be delivered when ICPI-certified installers are on the job—it also indicates a company’s willingness to invest in improvement for its staff. Read on to discover more about ICPI certification and why you should opt for a landscaping company that focuses on ICPI education when you’re ready to undertake your next project in Sterling Heights, MI:

What Is the ICPI?

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute represents more than 900 interlocking pavement designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors in North America. It maintains a staggering archive of technical publications and galleries and can be considered an expert on the latest techniques, materials, and industry practices. The ICPI awards professional and highly regarded certifications to landscape contractors who complete their education programs in order to ensure that residential, commercial, and state projects are completed utilizing only the latest and best techniques.

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What Are the Guarantees of ICPI Certification?

Why You Should Consider Landscaping Companies with ICPI-Certified Installers in Sterling Heights, MI

During the process of earning an ICPI certification, contractors receive education and guidance on all aspects of paver installation. This includes the initial planning of a project, the preparation of the base, and the selection of appropriate materials. Any ICPI-certified contractor is, therefore, guaranteed to bear the necessary expertise to plan and prepare a site properly, and this is crucial to a successful project.

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The ICPI also trains landscape contractors to evaluate soils, select appropriate aggregates, and compact pavers properly once they have been laid. With these essential skills perfected, an ICPI-certified contractor can ensure a seamless paver installation. The ICPI’s emphasis on job safety throughout training reduces any risk of on-site injury or accidental damage to property. Opting for an ICPI-certified installer also has benefits in the long run, as these contractors are trained in the proper maintenance of paved projects and can impart invaluable information onto homeowners, should they require guidance. The ICPI also offers advanced courses that focus on the specialized techniques required in the installation of multi-level patios, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, and steps.

In order to maintain an ICPI certification, a contractor is required to return every two years and complete some of the above mentioned courses for a minimum duration of eight hours. This guarantees that every ICPI certified installer is up-to-date on new practices and techniques.

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Why Opt for a ICPI-Certified Installer?

An interlocking paver project consists of a series of steps, from the initial project planning to the final compaction and finishes. Mistakes made at any stage in the process can affect the quality of subsequent steps and the integrity of the project as a whole. It is, therefore, important that a interlocking paver installer is up-to-date and meticulous in their execution of each individual technique. ICPI training produces contractors of this caliber. With the minimal correction of errors and wastage, ICPI-certified contractors offer the best value for the money. Their impeccable installation will also minimize the need for touch-ups and repairs, saving homeowners and businesses money in the long run.