Selecting Interlocking Pavers for Your Sterling Heights, MI, Patio

Choosing the right interlocking pavers for your Sterling Heights, MI, property’s patio can be a daunting task. The right patio pavers should tick all the boxes: They’ll need to give you an aesthetically pleasing design once they’re fully combined while also providing functionality and being as cost-effective as possible for the job.

Defining the Style

When it comes to defining the style for a patio, you may find that interlocking pavers are the favored choice. They offer a seemingly endless combination of colors and textures to bring your design ideas to fruition. The aesthetics of the final paver choice should ultimately comply with the overall design of the home and landscape.

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For contemporary and modern landscapes, choose a sleek paver with a smooth texture finish and clean lines. You can be more adventurous with the choice of color although it is important to keep the hues of the surrounding masonry in mind to ensure that your patio melds in well with what’s around it. For more traditional landscapes, a vintage-style paver could be a better fit. Modern-made interlocking concrete pavers can mimic classic brick, cobblestone, and natural stone pavers with remarkable accuracy, giving you a wide range of choices if you want to create a more traditional patio.

In addition to colors, interlocking pavers also offer further design flexibility in the laying pattern. Patterns such as herringbone, basket, and brick highlight the sleek texture and straight edges of the pavers. For a more classic patio look, choose a circular or fan laying pattern.

Borders and Accents

The extensive variety of colors and textures offered by interlocking pavers also opens up an additional design dimension in the form of borders and accents. You can choose pavers that contrast with your overall design to create a solid border. A contrast can be created through a contradicting color, texture, or laying pattern. Borders and accents are excellent tool for brightening up your landscape design. They also serve the dual purpose of helping to demarcate different areas of the patio such as the sitting and dining areas.

Practical Considerations

Selecting Interlocking Pavers for Your Sterling Heights, MI, Patio

Choosing interlocking pavers involves more than their looks. There are also practical considerations involved. Naturally, the cost of the units plays a big role in making your decision. Some prime contractors employ the use of a mechanical paver layer to really speed up the installation process and reduce the installation expense, so it might be prudent to choose a paver design that is suitable for a mechanical installation.

The textured finish and the manufacturing technologies are also worth considering. Certain pavers feature a nonslip, textured finish that makes them fully useable during wet or snowy weather conditions and if they are adjacent to a hot tub or pool. Stain resistance is also a great feature given the use of salt in the snowy Michigan winters. Lastly, it might be worth investing in pavers that feature high UV resistance as they are able to maintain their color for longer.

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Permeable pavers are also a great innovation and worth considering for your patio. In addition to being much friendlier to the environment, they also prevent the formation of puddles, minimize ice, and reduce the chances of flash flooding.