Achieve a Cobblestone Look with These Unilock Paving Stones

For many homeowners, the classic charm and old-world appearance of a cobblestone patio, driveway, or walkway trumps modern design trends. Unilock offers two incredible concrete alternatives to historic cobblestones that can be used to achieve a timeworn and character-packed aesthetic in your Troy, MI, landscape. While Courtstone paving stones achieve near-perfect resemblance to century-old cobblestones, Tribeca Cobble adds a refined and modern touch to their traditional appearance. Read on for more information about prized cobblestone paving stone alternatives from Unilock.

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Courtstone Pavers for Picture-Perfect Nostalgia

Courtstone pavers are manufactured using innovative technologies that reinforce strength and perfect its mimicry of real cobblestones. Using Reala technology, the Courtstone molds are cast from authentic European cobblestones to create as convincing a resemblance as possible. Despite their irregular edges, which appear to be worn over centuries of use, their underlying bases are manufactured to precise dimensions that ensure a relatively quick and easy installation process.

Achieve a Cobblestone Look in Troy, MI, with These Unilock Paving Stones

Courtstone pavers are distinctly luxurious, harnessing age-old elegance in a compact and perfectly polished unit. Despite their opulence, they bear four times the strength of poured concrete thanks to Ultima Concrete technology, which is exclusive to Unilock. This ensures that the aesthetic you’ve invested in will stand the test of time. What’s more: You would be hard-pressed to find a better and more timeless look in which to invest.

Courtstone is often used as a field paver in the construction of patios, walkways, and driveways. The impressive strength of these paving stones and their interlocking layout makes them well-suited to the frequent heavy loads and tractive forces to which driveways are subjected. They are also often used as accent pavers due to their ideal shape, size, and color range. These pavers are so small and nonlinear that they can be used to form smooth curves without the need for much cutting. The deep, earthy shades in which they are available are so eye-catching that they make excellent borders and embellishments

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Tribeca Cobble for New-Age Class

Tribeca Cobble pavers are available in two cool gray color variations that can be used to craft crisp, elegant hardscapes with a touch of old-world charm and rusticity. Their impeccably detailed stippled surfaces are protected by the two-step manufacturing process that is employed to achieve the renowned EnduraColor products from Unilock. The first step lays a strong foundation in the form of coarse aggregates. In order to prevent the gradual exposure of these light aggregates, a second layer of concentrated and wear-resistant color aggregates is added on top. The result is a vibrant, detailed concrete paver that is highly resistant to fading.

Tribeca Cobble pavers preserve the permeable nature of authentic cobblestones set in sand. They are fitted with wider joint spaces than other pavers, granting them the ability to form permeable surfaces. Permeable surfaces simply allow rainwater to flow through their joint spaces and into the underlying ecosystem, as opposed to storm sewers. In order to achieve this effect, the pavers require a special aggregate base through which water can also pass. This eco-friendly feature makes Tribeca Cobble pavers a favorite among environmentally conscious homeowners and green thumbs who desire a well-nourished landscape.

Image courtesy of Unilock.