How Landscaping Companies Can Build Your Dream Outdoor Living Area in Canton, MI

Dreaming of big changes to your landscape? Whether your next home project is a patio addition or a complete renovation, here are some ways how landscaping companies can build your dream outdoor living area in Canton, MI.

Creating Space to Live In

Some homeowners focus only on the basics such as having a deck and grill station installed. But often this short-term approach leaves out amenities that would make the space livable such as a permanent shade structure and a fire feature, both of which help ease weather fluctuations. A pergola and a fire pit will greatly extend the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor space nearly any time of year.

Space You Can Enjoy, Instead of Constantly Maintain

How much time do you want to devote to maintaining your outdoor living space? A landscaping company can help you maximize the time you spend enjoying outdoor living instead of doing chores. A contemporary, beautiful, and durable option is to invest in concrete pavers that mimic the character of stone and offer endless design possibilities, but are stronger, more cost-effective, and require less maintenance than natural stone or any type of decking.

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 The Right Ambience

Two elements create a dream backyard ambience: fire and water. A water feature will drown out environmental noise with pleasing natural white noise. And when it comes to enjoying your outdoor space once the leaves turn, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace will keep everyone toasty and eager to spend more time in the fresh air.

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Privacy is essential for creating a sense that your backyard is a true getaway. You can opt for wood or masonry privacy walls, living walls of greenery, privacy curtains on a pergola, or even something as exotic as a water wall that meets the criteria for privacy, visual interest, and sound dampening. The flow of water over a textured surface creates a tranquil setting, aided by imaginative landscape lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting sets the mood, and makes your backyard safe and usable after dark. With so many choices, including spotlights, string lights, underwater lights, downlights installed into retaining walls, there are many ways to use lighting to create an enjoyable outdoor space.

More Cooking Options

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A grill is great—and the mainstay of outdoor cooking—but why stop there? If you love cooking and entertaining, it’s worth installing an outdoor kitchen with a few amenities like a refrigerator, pizza oven, smoker, bar, sink, and enough prep space and storage to keep the party outdoors, instead of half the food being prepared indoors and the other half outdoors. A kitchen faced in a masonry veneer could fit right in with a paver patio and become your new hub for relaxing and entertaining.

Maximize What You Have

Most of all, a landscaping company will optimize what you have and greatly improve your home’s curb appeal, value, and your enjoyment of the space. Any landscape features you love—such as an ancient tree or a natural slope—can be enhanced with hardscape features to create an outdoor space that’s uniquely you.

Give us a call if you’re looking for inspiration or if you’re ready to start the process of building your dream backyard.

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