5 Natural Stone Masonry Ideas for Troy, MI, Commercial Properties

Giving your Troy, MI, commercial property a revamp with natural stone masonry could impress new clients and give employees something to admire as they report to work every day. With its contemporary simplicity and durability, natural stone is an excellent material for making a hardscape feature stand out. Here are five ideas for how natural stone masonry can give your commercial property a fresh new look:

A Limestone Entrance

5 Natural Stone Masonry Ideas for Troy, MI, Commercial Properties

An entranceway made of limestone flooring can help convey an air of professional style for your business. With its visually soft texture coupled with high durability, limestone will indicate both strength and comfort. By strategically deploying this stylish material at the very entrance, you ensure that your property and business make a great first impression.

Outdoor Patios

An outdoor patio for a new restaurant or as a relaxing place for employees during their lunch break could benefit from the beauty and durability of natural stone. Natural stone is tough and can stand up well to the wear and tear of regular use. It also offers an air of sophistication and dignified elegance, two qualities modern businesses may want to express through their surroundings. Classic choices for outdoor patios include sandstone, limestone, and bluestone.

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Any natural stone entrance should have a matching walkway leading up to it. Large natural stone tiles are excellent for this application, not only due to their modern look but also their large surface area that distributes the weight more evenly over the soil. The natural texture can also provide a solid grip for users during snowy or rainy weather.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, which could be installed to demarcate spaces across your property, provide seating, or simply retain soil, can also be given a fresh new look with natural stone. Stacked natural stone is one of the most popular variants for walls, thanks to its classic look. Small walls along walkways can also be installed, not only to guide people across your property but to provide a fitting foundation for path lighting that keeps your property safe at night. Similarly, seating walls are a great option for providing attractive and inviting seating for multiple people. Quarterly employee meetings could become more lively on warm days if you have seating to accommodate your team outside.

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Natural Stone Cladding

The construction of larger structures such as large retaining walls from natural stone can be an expensive prospect. However, with natural stone veneer, you can give your conventional concrete wall the look of authentic natural stone, at a lower price point. The transformation from dull concrete to natural stone beauty requires attention to detail and expertise to make the transformation seamless. The correct mixing and application of a binding agent such as mortar is also important as it can impact the durability of the installation over time.

Natural stone hardscapes are coveted for their attractiveness and authenticity—a quality your business may want to express in various ways to the customers, service providers, and employers who visit your commercial properties day in and day out. Our team of masonry artisans enjoy working with natural stone and can meet the preferences and needs of your business.

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