6 Unilock Patio Pavers for Modern Macomb, MI, Hardscapes

When it’s time to introduce more sleek, clean lines to an outdoor living space—to bring out a preference for modern, minimalist styles—patio pavers could be the first place to begin. The right paver in a modern hardscape will set the tone for everything around it. And the wide range of modern patio pavers from Unilock make a revamped landscape design in Macomb, MI, more modern fully possible.


Hollandstone is a wonderfully diverse paver that can work beautifully in a variety of applications, ranging from patios and walkways to driveways. The paver features a modern design with sleek sides and sharp corners. The modern design can be further complemented with subtle colors such as Beechwood and Sandstone, or you can choose more vivid colors such as Rustic Red and Terra Cotta while also retaining a sense of traditional design.

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Artline is the perfect paver for modern landscapes that favor a minimalist design. Its smooth surface finishes with sleek sides and sharp corners. The component sizes complement modern design with the mix of longer and wider shapes. The choice of colors is also more understated, with a variety of hues in a dark granite finish. The paver is also quite modern in its construction methodology as it was manufactured with EnduraColor Facemix Technology to make it highly resistant to fading over time.

Beacon Hill Smooth

6 Unilock Patio Pavers for Modern Macomb, MI, Hardscapes

A modern take on the classic Beacon Hill paver from Unilock, the Beacon Hill Smooth paver offers a smooth surface finish with no bevel in contrast to the weathered finish of the original paver. The contemporary design is accompanied by a range of modern colors, including Steel Grey Blend, Opal Blend, and Granite Blend. This paver retains the classic component sizes, enabling full creativity with the laying patterns while retaining a modern look.


The Eco-Priora is a modern paver in terms of both design and functionality. It offers a choice of surface finish to customize the final design: the standard beveled finish or the more textured Il Campo finish. The paver is also a part of the Unilock line of eco-pavers that come with spacer bars to introduce a gap between the paver components. This allows for the easy assimilation of water into the underlying soil, thereby reducing the strain on the storm drainage system as well as replenishing the groundwater underneath the property.


Senzo is an unapologetically modern paver from Unilock, featuring a wonderfully clean design and an appropriate set of colors. The paver is suitable for all types of hardscape applications, including driveways. The large 8 by 8 component size can work especially well in minimalist landscapes. In addition to being made with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, the paver also features a stain-resistant surface.

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Much like Hollandstone, Series blends modern and traditional landscape cues in one flexible package. Made from high-performance materials such as granite and quartz in the construction process, this paver offers unmatched aesthetics and strength. Series pavers are available in a range of modern, muted colors including Ice Grey, Mountain Mist, and Black Granite. This paver’s modern sense is offset with a washed surface finish to provide a softer look.

Image courtesy of Unilock.