Attract Visitors with These 5 Commercial Landscape Design/Build Ideas in Macomb, MI

Just as people are judged by their appearance, the same can be said of commercial properties. Keeping up with the latest landscape trends can ensure that your business looks fresh and inviting to guests and clients, while reflecting the quality of your business brand. Give some thought to enticing visitors with these commercial landscape design/build ideas for your Macomb, MI, business.

Set the Tone By the Exterior

Attract Visitors with These 5 Commercial Landscape Design/Build Ideas in Macomb, MI

Although your business may be considered on the cutting edge in its industry, your clients and prospects may not view it that way when they first see that your landscape has outdated hardscape features or those features are crumbling. You want to communicate your image beginning with the outdoor space that greets your visitors. The layout of your landscape should prioritize a seamless experience, with ease to get from place to place, and beautiful, quality materials that reflect the quality of service you provide to the people you do business with.

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Plan Thoughtfully

A well-planned commercial landscape design makes navigating various areas easy. Walkways should be clear to see and large enough for simple passage to your entryway. Very likely, your visitors are walking in pairs, perhaps discussing business on the way to your building. They wouldn’t want to be disrupted by being forced to walk single file along a rickety path. By making the walkway and entry clear and distraction-free, you will establish a pleasant experience for all types of visitors.

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Give Visitors Something to Admire

Commercial landscape design should factor in how the property will evolve through the seasons, from any bare spots where flowering bushes reside to how any structures may appear when buried under snow. Walkways can feature occasional large planters of beautiful blooms. Retaining walls could feature the look of beautiful natural stone that has matured beautifully and admirably—the right materials get better with age, similar to the experience you have put into your business thus far. The point is to show visitors that you care about the details, from the attention you have given your exterior property to everything that goes on inside. With careful planning, your landscape can look inviting at any time of the year.

Provide Accessibility to Green Space

Visitors may be impressed if they notice you give employees time to enjoy the outdoors during their long workday. Studies show that workers who get outside during the day are less tired and more focused from the change of scenery. Accessible space for employee would also serve to give visitors or clients a place to relax if they arrive early. They may appreciate a seating wall by a patch of flowers or a pleasant walkway for pacing back and forth before they’re ready for a big meeting.

Keep It Clean

A clean, modern landscape design is impressive. You don’t want the liability of someone tripping over uneven cracks in a sidewalk or slipping on icy surfaces. A landscape expert can transform your property into a welcoming one by using quality paver products that are made to last for years to come. Permeable pavers for your hardscape features can minimize the collection of water and subsequent freezing that can lead to slips and falls.