5 Ways Masonry Contractors Utilize Natural Stone in Sterling Heights, MI

Natural stone is sought after as a hardscape material, not only because it adds timeless beauty and sophistication to any landscape design, but also because of its value and ability to boost the first impression of a property. Here are a few ways in which masonry contractors could incorporate natural stone into your Sterling Heights, MI, landscape:

An Outdoor Kitchen

5 Ways Masonry Contractors Utilize Natural Stone in Sterling Heights, MI

Al fresco dining is a treat—but now the bar has been raised with the popularity of outdoor kitchens that facilitate gourmet cooking. There are various important factors to consider when constructing an outdoor kitchen, including what appliances are necessary and how to make it convenient. One element that will really set your outdoor kitchen apart from the rest, however, is style. Natural stone can be incorporated into the worktops, grill island, or kitchen floor, and can be utilized to showcase a wide variety of aesthetic themes. Large, unrefined units can give your outdoor kitchen a rustic look and feel, while polished granite worktops will add a touch of indoor luxury to the space.

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Stone Walls

Stone walls can be nestled wherever they are needed. They serve to enclose distinct outdoor rooms, provide additional seating, and they can add dimension to a rather flat landscape. A stone wall can bring a touch of elegance and historic charm to an outdoor living space, warming and softening the atmosphere. Cover the wall with plenty of charming accent cushions and throws to further personalize its design.

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A Water Feature

Nothing adds a sense of serenity to an outdoor space like the rhythmic babbling of a stream or the soft crash of a waterfall. Water features create soothing soundtracks that can enhance the zen or resort-like atmosphere of a landscape. Large boulders can be arranged strategically to mimic a natural stream winding down a slope. Alternatively, more refined stone units can be used to construct a low wall that flanks a pool and serves as the structure for a waterfall—doubling as a barrier that enhances privacy! Moving water is bound to attract birds—and their song—to your backyard.

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Patios and Walkways

Natural stone slabs can be acquired in a near-endless variety of colors and textures. The possibilities allow you to explore different stones until you find the option that best showcases your desired aesthetic. Refined granite slabs, for example, can be used to create the foundation of a chic, modern patio. Smaller cobblestones, on the other hand, are likely to give a walkway a sense of charm. The shape of the surface and appearance of the stone will work hand in hand to create a patio or walkway that is distinctly naturalistic, luxurious, or quaint.

A Fire Feature

A fire feature makes an outdoor living space warmer, cozier, and more inviting. It’s hard to go wrong when selecting materials for a fire feature (as long as they are fire resistant, of course). However, when comparing materials to find the best candidate for a welcoming, homely fireplace, natural stone takes the cake. Firelight tends to bounce off the numerous irregularities and indentations in the surface of the average stone. If the stone bears warm undertones, its positive features can be enhanced by the firelight to wash the entire outdoor living space in a more comforting glow.