Bring Your West Bloomfield Township, MI, Landscape Design to Life with These 4 Popular Features

A beautifully landscaped property lures you outdoors, but it requires opportunities for good old-fashioned fun to keep you there. Does your West Bloomfield Township, MI, backyard offer enough entertainment to draw you away from the comfort of the indoors, time and time again? If not, you need some landscape design ideas for the kind of features that will bring your property to life and enhance its interactivity.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Patio  

An outdoor kitchen can be a source of enormous fun, regardless of whether you’re the cook of the family. Playing around with fun features like your pizza oven, while a refreshing breeze wafts away all the smoke, adds a relaxed and enjoyable element to cooking. Al fresco dinner parties become incredibly immersive when utilizing an outdoor kitchen, as fewer trips to the home need to be made for supplies. Even outdoors, the kitchen serves as a vibrant beacon around which guests are invited to gather. Everyone can lend a hand due to the inherent open-plan layout of the outdoor kitchen, making dinner parties more fun for the entire family and ensuring that the cook isn’t isolated all night.

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Install a Wistful Water Feature

A water feature can take the form of a soft bubbling fountain, a rushing waterfall, and anything in between. Water in continuous motion is all that is required to achieve the serene atmosphere and calming soundtrack that these features tend to create. Still bodies of water with a natural, untouched appearance can also foster a tranquil atmosphere. Consider constructing an artificial pond filled with aquatic plants and sheltered by overhanging trees to give your property an exotic, away-from-home look and feel. Water features often attract birds and other small wildlife that will, quite literally, add life to your landscape.

Renovate the Pool

Bring Your West Bloomfield Township, MI, Landscape Design to Life with These 4 Popular Features

A decked-out poolscape can instantly transform any ordinary residential landscape into a resort-like getaway. Features like tanning shelves, islands, and waterfalls add a luxurious touch to a pool and make it infinitely more exciting! For family members who don’t enjoy swimming, a beachy poolscape equipped with a bar and comfortable recliners offers just as much enjoyment as a dip in the pool. Take the time to prepare a margarita at the poolside or read a good book under the shade of your pergola, and reap the stress-relieving benefits. An enticing poolscape takes your outdoor entertainment endeavors to new levels, offering guests the opportunity to unwind in comfort and style.

Start a Fire—Every Night If You’d Like

Nothing brings a landscape to life like a roaring fire. Washing its surroundings with warmth, light, and a cozy atmosphere, a fire extends an irresistible invitation to stay outdoors long after the sun has set. A towering fireplace can be surrounded by an intimate collection of comfortable chairs or a seating wall to create a distinctive gathering space. Alternatively, a low fire pit can maintain a casual look and feel while reaping all the ambient benefits of a larger fireplace. Fire pits tend to be a hit with kids and offer a busy family the opportunity to gather outdoors more often, to toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories, all while spending quality time together.

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