How Landscaping Companies in West Bloomfield Township, MI, Become NCMA Certified

The National Concrete Masonry Association is the champion of masonry applications for gorgeous, long-lasting hardscape features. Any landscape design/build contractor who earns a prestigious certification of the NCMA has proven skills and knowledge to bring a hardscape and landscape design to beautiful reality for West Bloomfield Township, MI, properties. Here is how installers at landscaping companies earn this certification.

How to Earn This Rigorous Certification

How Landscaping Companies in West Bloomfield Township, MI, Become NCMA Certified

Earning an NCMA certification is an exhaustive process during which masonry contractors must show proof of a certain number of installations. For the NCMA Retaining Wall Installation Certification, they must then take a written test to evaluate their knowledge of the wall installation process. Masonry installers who have acquired this certification have proven their commitment to understanding and improving masonry retaining wall practices. When a landscape contractor has distinguished themselves in the industry with installation teams that possess this certification, you can have great confidence that you are hiring an elite masonry installer. NCMA says approximately 16,000 U.S. and Canadian installers have completed its retaining wall installer course, and only some of those installers have obtained the credentials to able to call themselves certified.

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Why Choose Masonry for Your Landscape

When evaluating how your curb appeal can improve, new hardscape features can be an obvious answer. A well-placed, brand-new retaining wall, an outdoor kitchen, or a cozy fire feature can dramatically improve the functionality and appearance of your exterior property. When carefully constructed of quality materials that stand up to all weather conditions, your hardscape will mature beautifully over time, without fading.

Adding masonry brings eye-catching elegance to a landscape, and it can also reduce your landscape’s overall maintenance needs.

What You Can Expect From NCMA Certified Teams

Certified installers know where to find the best material and are qualified to walk you through your choices for your hardscape. Are you seeking a formal or casual look and feel to your landscape? Traditional or contemporary? What sort of finish do you prefer?

You can expect your landscaping company to make a site visit to see and measure your space, and go over your options. What masonry additions could make your space more functional? Would a carefully placed retaining wall open up the possibilities in your sloped landscape? Would you want the new stone wall to also act as a seating wall?

The designers can then turn your initial thoughts into a design that can be adjusted. You will have the opportunity to see how different finishes will affect the overall appearance so that you can choose what represents your style the best.

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Before the installation begins, there will be discussion over choosing the right materials, assessing the time frame, and double-checking any measurements. Finally, once the materials come in, the delivery of a breathtaking hardscape can begin taking shape.

With the highest level of professionalism, craftsmanship, and personal service, your NCMA certified hardscape installers are skilled in the construction of an ideal landscape that will complement your West Bloomfield Township, MI, home. They can also maintain the hardscape features that they install—meaning that all you have to do from here on out is enjoy your gorgeous property.