Why We Only Source the Best Quality Brick Pavers in Troy, MI

Pavers are a popular choice in hardscape design for their aesthetic appeal, but the standout benefit behind quality pavers is their ability to maintain their attractiveness and strength for decades. Pavers are a true investment, so when choosing the quality of brick pavers for your Troy, MI, hardscape project, nothing less than the best will suffice. Using only the best sourced brick pavers will provide you peace of mind that your investment’s value will withstand the test of time.


The durability of the products installed is essential to knowing that your hardscape investment can withstand your climate and intended use. Only the best quality of pavers can hold up adequately against freeze/thaw cycles, salt and chemical applications, and UV ray exposure without shifting, cracking, and degradation. Climate is only one factor to consider; the functionality and use of the paver also plays a key role on longevity.  The choice matters, depending on whether your contractor is installing a rarely traversed walkway or a driveway that will have to withstand heavier loads. It’s also important to know that the company installing your brick pavers follows specifications—even the best quality pavers may not perform as well as expected if they are installed incorrectly.


Why We Only Source the Best Quality Brick Pavers in Troy, MI

The time you contribute to the design process of your paver project—selecting the type of paver, color, and pattern layout, with your hardscape contractor’s guidance—is invaluable. The overall aesthetic appeal is largely a consideration and reason for selecting a brick paver hardscape to begin with. The quality of materials used will ensure that the attractiveness and allure you’re hoping for in your project will be retained as time progresses. Your contractor can show you recent projects to explore which type of pavers grab your attention and which pattern you would want to emulate for your own new hardscape. With the best sourced pavers, which are able to withstand fading, penetrations, staining, and required maintenance without fault, the allure can be captured—the pavers will mature beautifully. 

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Using a hardscape contractor that only sources the best quality pavers means you’ll be partnering with a company that stands by its work. With pavers from Unilock, a leading manufacturer of paving stones and wall units, the products come with a lifetime warranty against normal wear when they have been installed in accordance with their specifications. This means that the Unilock Authorized Contractor you choose has confidence in the source of the pavers along with their own expertise in the installation process. What this means for you is that you get the best sourced materials backed by a lifetime material warranty.

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Setting the Standard

Investing more in your project at the beginning stage of construction will ensure that time will not to have been spent later on maintaining or worrying about your new pavers. Having a contractor that understands selecting only the best quality of pavers is fundamental to the outcome of your project and sets the standard you can expect to see throughout the design and installation process. Industry leaders in hardscape design understand that the value of your investments start with sources that deliver only the best quality of materials.