4 Ways Masonry Contractors Can Improve You Outdoor Living Space in the Troy, MI, Area

To create a stylish backyard you will love to spend time in, a masonry contractor can help you create a staycation-worthy space. Your backyard may need just a few special touches or a complete makeover; either way, masonry additions could give you the most value, beauty, and function for your money. Here are just four of the many ways masonry contractors can improve your outdoor living space in the Troy, MI area.

A Walkway Upgrade

4 Ways Masonry Contractors Can Improve You Outdoor Living Space in the Troy, MI, Area

Upgrading a walkway is a way to add big curb appeal. Uneven, cracked, and crumbling concrete walkways (perhaps even with weeds poking through) are unattractive and potentially unsafe. Paver walkways let you create a warm and welcoming path to your front door using materials that are not only much more attractive than poured concrete, but also much stronger and longer-lasting.

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A Functional Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can transform a sloped lot, by controlling erosion and providing more usable space. Retaining walls can also house low-voltage light fixtures in an inconspicuous way that draws attention to the wall’s texture. Low walls can provide additional seating. Taller retaining walls can house micro-gardens, a built-in bench, or even a water feature.

Additions With a Wow Factor

Whether or not you currently have a paver patio, you can install an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, fire table and/or a waterfall to create an instant wow factor. Fire and water have a magnetic effect on people, drawing them out of the house and providing hours of simple, tranquil entertainment. While fire tables and fireplaces are generally constructed in conjunction with a paver patio, a fire pit or a water feature can be positioned anywhere in your landscape. This allows you to have the immediate joy of fire and/or water, and use it as a focal point for a future patio.

A New Patio and Outdoor Living Rooms

The ultimate is, of course, to extend your living space into your backyard with a large paver patio that houses everything: a kitchen, dining area, fire feature, water feature, and lounging area. Alternatively, you can create a series of smaller interconnected rooms separated by vegetation or seating walls.

Add interest with various paver colors, laying patterns, borders, and custom inlays. Also consider vertical interest, provided with seating walls, fire and water features, elevated gardens, or even a sunken fire pit area.

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Where Do You Begin?

The primary consideration for many homeowners is budget. Don’t despair if your dream backyard is too much to handle financially! You could start with a modest-sized paver patio and walkway for a unified look and to add instant curb appeal and value to your home. Or you could focus on a new paver driveway that is both gorgeous and long-lasting.

Consult with your landscape contractor, and consider a master plan that will help you grow your outdoor living spaces as budget allows. This approach keeps the project within budget, and allows you to install infrastructure so you can minimize disruption to your landscape as you add another patio or feature in phases. Don’t skimp on quality—either materials or installation. Outdoor spaces are investments you want to make thoughtfully, for maximum enjoyment.