Benefits of Masonry Contractors Using Mechanical Pavers for Large Commercial Projects in Canton, MI

Commercial masonry landscape projects require a reliable and consistent method of application to achieve a neat overall look. Mechanically applied pavers have several advantages over manual jobs. Public walkways, pool decks, or driveways, or any other hardscape feature, require professional craftsmanship from masonry contractors, and mechanical pavers can deliver that. Here’s how mechanical pavers can benefit your next large commercial project in Canton, MI:

Safety Considerations

Benefits of Masonry Contractors Using Mechanical Pavers for Large Commercial Projects in Canton, MI

While masonry work can be highly gratifying, it can also be exhausting and back-breaking. Mechanical pavers make it easier to install large areas of pavers while cutting the work time and effort considerably. For a large commercial project, you might want a paver that looks good, is a quality product, and is easy to lay. Eco-Priora by Unilock is a stylish, midsize paver that can be installed mechanically and is suitable for permeable installation. In the basic 5x10 inch rectangular shape, it can be laid in a variety of patterns like a herringbone. The surface is refined and smooth for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Large projects can call for days of work, so installing this paver with a machine could take much less of a physical toll on the installer and thus on the overall time you need to wait. Working smarter, not harder, tends to be much safer for the crews involved in the long run.

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Precise Installation

Mechanical installation of pavers ensures an even and symmetrical application over large areas. Hand-laying might be suitable for smaller installations where necessary, but larger areas can be more difficult to fine tune with more square footage and less reference points. Mechanical installation ensures that pavers are evenly spaced, creating a more professional look. Complex patterns, like those that can be made with the 5x5 inch square and 10x10 inch square available in Eco-Priora, can be made easier with mechanical installation. It also makes for a uniform surface that’s not bumpy or uneven. For jobs like parking lots or other vehicular hardscapes, pavers that are not applied properly can cause bumpiness for those in cars. A mechanical installation guarantees a smooth ride for passengers and makes walking less impactful for pedestrians.

Simplified Construction

Big commercial jobs can sometimes call for a lot of manpower. A mechanical installation doesn’t require as many workers as a manual job might, and it’s still quicker than several people laying at once. With just a handful of workers, pallets of pavers can be laid in a single day over huge areas, with precise dimensions. This makes doing business simpler and more beneficial to all parties. Even if it’s a large public walkway or driveway, the job can be completed quickly and easily with mechanical installation.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, we work with quality Unilock pavers that are the most stylish on the market and extremely durable. Mechanical installation of these pavers guarantees that your job will be done professionally and have a consistent final look. All Unilock products also come with a lifetime guarantee on the integrity of each unit. Intricate patterns with different colors and shapes need to hold their appearance to look good, and Unilock products will do just that.

If you’re planning a large-scale project and want to use the best quality pavers that will last for decades, Unilock is an excellent choice. Let us work with you to deliver a beautiful mechanical installation that will enhance any commercial project.