Create a Luxurious Driveway in Macomb, MI, With These 3 Brick Pavers

Your driveway is a main feature of your landscape, and what it looks like will impact the overall aesthetic of one of your most precious assets—your home. A driveway that’s cracking and uneven tarnishes that look and can also be a hazard. A luxurious driveway not only looks fantastic, but requires less maintenance than an asphalt or concrete driveway that constantly needs patching and repair. Brick pavers will enhance the look of your home, by adding a classic touch and a strong foundation. Here are three brick pavers that will get the job done in Macomb, MI:

Town Hall

Create a Luxurious Driveway in Macomb, MI, With These 3 Brick Pavers

Create a Luxurious Driveway in Macomb, MI, With These 3 Brick Pavers

For a classic brick paver with American style, Town Hall from Unilock is a great choice. Its small format is perfect for any application, and yields strength four times that of poured concrete. Ultima technology makes sure it won’t ever split, crack, or fade, so you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic on your driveway. Reala technology is used to produce pavers with the texture of real brick, so you get an authentic look. Available in an eclectic mix of colors, there’s a palette that matches whatever you’re looking for. There are three colors available in classic red brick styles, like Old Oak for a bold red appearance. You could also choose Basalt, a deep gray, or the Heritage 3 Color Blend for a mix of grays, reds, and earthy browns. The jointing compound will also affect the final look, so choose a contrasting color for more definition, or one that blends in for a more inconspicuous look.

Image Source - Unilock

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Like town Hall, Copthorne is part of the Unilock Elegance collection, meaning it’s one of the best pavers Unilock offers. Made using both Reala and Ultima technology, this paver offers more strength than real brick but with textures cast directly from brick. This means you don’t have to compromise strength for the look you want. Because this paver has slightly smaller proportions than Town Hall, if you want a more delicate appearance for your driveway, this is the paver for you. Each one has a random, textured surface for a truly unique appearance. Use Copthorne as the main paver for your driveway, or combine with other pavers for visual interest. The Burgundy Red color contrasts well with a neutral, large format paver like Umbriano from Unilock. On the other hand, Basalt would contrast well with a tumbled paver like Brussels Block from Unilock. Use these pavers to create a unique design for your driveway, complete with accents and textured areas.

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If you desire a classic, European-style look for your driveway, the Mattoni paver from Unilock has a slimmer format that’s perfect for intricate laying patterns. It has an antiqued finish that gives it an authentic look, and clean lines make for an eye-catching final product. The Dark Charcoal color is perfect for landscape designs that call for a fresh appearance. For something brighter, the Sable Blend shade is a light taupe with a gently faded finish. It contrasts well with Dark Charcoal accents, which create definition and shape. Continue Mattoni onto walkways and even your backyard patio. Mattoni personifies timeless European brick that works with modern designs.