6 Considerations When Choosing Patio Pavers in Rochester Hills, MI

Patio pavers are a popular choice for hardscape construction in Rochester Hills, MI, due to their versatility and durability. The array of options, however, can understandably surprise and overwhelm homeowners. While it is nice to have choices—you can be assured that the end result will be a unique hardscape that reflects your style—professional guidance is necessary to make the right decision. You need to consider several factors before you give the go-ahead to your patio project.


6 Considerations When Choosing Patio Pavers in Rochester Hills, MI

Patio pavers come in a great many colors and shades, and choosing the ideal color to fit within the landscaping plan is key. The color chosen must not clash unattractively with the home itself or any of the other hardscape features that are in the plan or that are already in place. In addition to choosing the best color to go with the exterior décor, the functionality of the paver ought to be considered as well. If the patio needs to stand out for both effect or safety’s sake, a contrasting, bright color is appropriate. For a sophisticated home that requires the patio to become an extension of the home, a subdued color that blends could be more appropriate.

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The shapes available with a particular paver vary. Depending on whether you’re attracted to a symmetrical or asymmetrical design, you may want your pavers to be rectangular, square, or octagonal. Multiple sizes could make for an interesting pattern, or you may want uniform sizes for a basket weave or herringbone laying pattern.


Texture is another characteristic of patio pavers that must meet the demands of your space aesthetically and functionally. Smooth textures would complement a more modern home while a natural stone texture offers a more rustic or estate style. The texture decision may have more to do with where the pavers go than the surrounding style: You’ll likely want a smooth surface if your patio will be adjacent to the swimming pool, for instance.

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The style you’re going for requires its own special consideration. While you may have an idea of what would be pleasing, a landscape contractor can help you properly think it out with photographs of past projects. You probably don’t want the style of the landscape to be the antithesis of your home’s style. A modern home deserves a complementary landscape, as does a traditional home, cottage, or estate.

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You want to know that your patio pavers will last. Your landscape contractor can provide you with guidance on what to expect with the quality of the pavers you’re contemplating. Moreover, you can inquire about the type of warranty associated with the products in question.

Resistance to Staining or Fading

While a patio paver’s tendency to chip or crack matters, so does the potential for staining and fading over time. Having to always be outside, withstanding whatever Mother Nature throws Michigan’s way, these products also have to take on the sun’s heat and any food or drink spills. Be sure to choose patio pavers that resist fading and staining, so that a little barbecue sauce or afternoon sunshine won’t destroy the investment you’re making in your landscape.