Why More Landscaping Companies Are Using Unilock Pavers in Rochester Hills, MI

Quality materials produce quality results. This truth is evident when designing and building patios and retaining walls: When the material chosen provides the right aesthetic, appropriate function, incredible quality, and eases the installation process, landscaping companies notice and look for opportunities to use the same kind of material again and again. This is why you are likely to hear about Unilock pavers for your Rochester Hills, MI, project. Unilock pavers are known for the beauty, durability, and reliability across a wide range of hardscape projects, from gorgeous pavers to long-lasting seating walls.

Versatile Aesthetic Results

Why More Landscaping Companies Are Using Unilock Pavers in Rochester Hills, MI

Unilock products provide landscaping companies with a variety of aesthetic options. From the charming look of a cobblestone walkway to the more modern appearance of a flagstone patio, choices abound in the Unilock catalog. Concrete pavers and wall units are available in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, so any property owner is likely to find material that matches their preferences and complements the other existing features in the landscape. The new hardscape can be as unique or as conventional as preferred when Unilock pavers are the material of choice.

High-Quality Pavers

Unilock is especially known for its quality. A patio, walkway, driveway, or swimming pool deck properly installed with Unilock materials will check every box of the homeowner’s expectation. Each concrete paver type is innovatively developed to closely resemble its natural stone or brick counterpart yet will have a durability all its own. Proven to mature beautifully, these hardscape materials will withstand the tests of time, weather, and use.

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Appropriate Functionality

The appearance and quality of Unilock products are not the only reasons landscaping companies choose them and recommend them for their jobs. The company’s meticulous manufacturing process produces pavers that resist fading, staining, and even slipping. Being able to provide a textured, safer surface for swimming pool areas or a non-stain flooring for an outdoor kitchen are obviously beneficial for any company offering hardscape construction services. The appearance of a hardscape is important, but delivering a construction that will function as intended is essential.

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Required Training and High Standards

Landscaping companies also choose Unilock pavers due to the company’s reputation and high standards. Companies considered Unilock Authorized Contractors are expected to know the ins and outs of the material they’re working with and deliver hardscape installations that meet the specifications of Unilock. Companies that are legitimately able to claim they are Unilock Authorized Contractors are making a statement that they highly value customer satisfaction and that they have a high degree of skill—these are testaments to quality results.

Lifetime Guarantee

When a product has the backing of a lifetime guarantee from a company, as products from Unilock do, it provides a sense of the confidence that the company has in the quality of its materials. Unilock offers a transferable lifetime guarantee for any of its materials that prove defective against normal wear, as long as the materials were installed and maintained according to its guidelines. That’s why when property owners fall in love with a particular Unilock paver or wall unit, they need to know that their landscaping company is adept and skilled at properly installing the Unilock products they have chosen.