How to Find Reliable Landscaping Companies That Offer Financing Plans in Troy, MI

Whether your home is brand-new or your backyard could use some amenities, you may be thinking about improving the outside of your home so that you can enjoy it as much as you enjoy the inside. You may not have the funds at the moment, however, to do an extensive landscaping project. The good news is that many landscaping companies offer financing. Here’s how to find reliable landscaping companies that offer financing in Troy, MI.

Know What You Want

How to Find Reliable Landscaping Companies That Offer Financing Plans in Troy, MI

Not all landscaping companies do all aspects of landscaping, so first determine what you want, and what types of work will be needed to build your project. Start with basic ideas about how you want the space to look, how you will use it, and identify the landscaping elements you want, whether it’s a patio that will be the number-one spot you spend your time in during the warmer months or a paver walkway to better tie together your front and backyards. It’s okay if you don’t have a master plan for your landscape in place—the landscaping company you choose can help you with that. Be as clear as possible, and the landscaping company you choose can draw up plans and help you work through your budget and financing abilities.

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Finding a Good Landscaping Company

The project begins with finding a landscaping company that can handle your project and deliver quality work. You could start out by soliciting three bids for your hardscape project. Check certifications and licenses, references, insurance, and qualifications. Wherever possible, try to see the work the landscaping companies have done in person, and at the very least ask to see each company’s portfolio to see if its skillset and style matches the kind of company you prefer. 

As you collect bids from various landscaping companies, you will get a better idea of what things actually cost, and whether you can afford to do everything in cash, or whether you’ll need financing. 

Ask About Financing

Some landscaping companies may offer financing for larger projects such as a complete backyard makeover or outdoor kitchen/patio. This is a handy option if you can find a landscaping company that is able to offer a fair rate and an easy process. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, we are able to offer our clients a no payments/no interest or low monthly payment option. And homeowners can find out in just minutes whether they will be approved—the bank is the one that takes in your personal financial information, not us. Plus, you don’t have to pay to apply, and there are no prepayment penalties. 

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You may also wonder whether you will be able to recoup your investment. The answer depends on the project, and how much you’re paying on the loan. An outdoor kitchens, for example, is more likely to add immediate and long-term value to your home versus a swimming pool (although a pool would certainly be valuable to you and your family). Outdoor kitchens can be enjoyed even in cooler weather, making them even more desirable. Depending on the source, an outdoor kitchen can add significant return on your investment, depending on the kitchen’s amenities, materials, appliances, finishes, and the surrounding living space (i.e. a paver patio).